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Country Maid Inc.’s Benefit and Wellbeing Tools

Wellbeing Valet

Country Maid, Inc. offers our team of employee-owners a specially curated array of benefits designed to support your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the ones you love through each phase of your life.  You’re a whole human being, not “just” a number.  You’re important to our team, and it’s important to us that our benefit package reflects your needs. 

Your needs will change as your stage of life changes, and we endeavor to offer something for every step of the journey.  We want our team – and our benefit package – to celebrate with you for the great things to come.  And we want to provide support to help you through the more difficult things. 

Click on the icons below to learn more about offerings in each of our six areas of wellbeing.  Please see a member of Human Resources for specific information on eligibility for benefits which depends on your plan, on your employment status, and number of hours worked per week. 

Use the Wellbeing Valet to pick and choose from the offerings available to meet your needs and the needs of your family on both an ongoing and as-needed basis.  And if you need help or don’t know where to start, we’ll help to ensure you have the wellbeing tools best suited for your life, at work and at home. 

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Physical Wellbeing
Happy, sad mask illustration on red background
Emotional Wellbeing
Family illustration
Family & Social Wellbeing
Piggy bank with dollar sign illustration
Financial Wellbeing
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Home & Community Wellbeing
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Workplace & Personal Development
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Current Openings

Why join the Country Maid team?

We’re not just hiring employees. We’re hiring human beings.

At Country Maid, we recognize that each of us is more than our jobs. We’re PEOPLE with rich and vibrant lives, working to achieve our shared vision of “Helping Others Help Each Other.”

We are mothers, daughters, and sisters. We’re fathers, sons, and brothers. We’re quilters, fishermen, golfers, PTA members, gamers, gardeners, and bakers.

We’re more than just employees and more than just colleagues. We’re employee owners of a 100% employee-owned organization. Each of us has unique skillsets and talents that compliment one another. We each have a voice that’s heard and valued in the company we share. We offer a curated array of benefits designed to support you throughout every phase of your life.
“Country Maid makes us feel appreciated and valued. They are always doing something to make all the employees feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to just be better people.”
Suzie Zittritsch
Warehouse Associate
“Country Maid cares about quality goods going to their customers. We want to be sure that everything that’s going out the door is the best quality, and that each and every one of our customers can enjoy our products because they know it’s been made with love.”
Brenda Miller
QA/SQF Manager
“Country Maid has provided me with great opportunities for growth over the years. I started as a seasonal employee and have advanced my job knowledge and skills to become the Production Supervisor. Thank you, Country Maid! Here’s to 30 more great years!”
Nicole L. Cole-Leners
Production Supervisor (13 years)
“I am grateful to Country Maid for providing a stable, competitive employment opportunity for our rural community. Small towns are the lifeblood of America, and companies like Country Maid keep them thriving. It’s neighbors helping neighbors and friends helping friends which makes it an even more special place to work.”
Deb Bleuer
Assistant Supervisor/ Production Associate (27 years)
“Country Maid has been one of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve ever had. I really appreciate all the opportunities to learn the different tasks – from the art of braiding to mixing the cake batter and pastry dough. Also, the people here are amazing to work with. Together, it makes Country Maid a great place to be.”
Colleen Kenyon
Production Associate
“I feel so blessed to work at a beautiful facility where our teams are willing to help each other and stand behind faith, integrity, and balance to make the culture amazing!”
Laura Schmidt

What Makes us Different

Our hometown of West Bend has an active and supportive community with a willingness to help others that’s embedded right in its DNA. It’s a fantastic and safe place to raise a family, with excellent schools, attractions, restaurants, shops, and plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities.

Our Values

We believe in what cannot be seen with the eyes alone. We have the humility to acknowledge a power greater than ourselves, and that humility enriches and gives purpose to life.

Our Values

We build trust by making decisions that always abide by the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Integrity is foundational to nurturing the connection with our colleagues that we hold dear.

Our Values

We believe that optimism triumphs over negativity and cynicism. We will always look for evidence of the good—the image of God—not only in other people but also in circumstances, events, and, ultimately, ourselves.

Our Values

We always accept responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions. We focus on controlling our emotions, thoughts, and reactions.

Our Values

We value our relationships – with God, our families, our friends, our community, and our colleagues. We believe strong relationships are built on healthy, trusting, loyal, lasting connections and improve all involved.

Our Values

We’re never complacent. Our commitment to continued improvement is unwavering, with a capacity to understand, adapt, and embrace change throughout life. We believe every experience is an opportunity for growth.

Our Values

We strive for equilibrium among body, mind, and spirit; work, family, and play; avoiding excess at all times. We seek out team members with attitudes and talents that complement each other.