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Country Maid announces air date of Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” segment featuring Butter Braid® pastries

Country Maid, makers of the famous Butter Braid® pastries has announced the upcoming airdate for the Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made braided pastry segment, featuring Butter Braid brand pastries. The episode will reveal the unique production process in manufacturing the company’s flagship product.

The segment on Butter Braid braided pastry will air on the Science Channel/Discovery Channel November 21, 2014 at 8 p.m. CST. Check the Discovery Channel’s website and your local listings to verify the airdate in case there are any programming changes.

How It’s Made takes viewers behind the scenes in factories around the world to show how raw materials are transformed into finished products. The show airs in 130 countries and is broadcast in more than 30 different languages around the world.

Country Maid has been manufacturing frozen food products, namely Butter Braid brand pastries, since 1991 for the fundraising industry. Country Maid, together with its national network of dealerships, has been able to help thousands of fundraising groups across the nation raise over $150 million dollars for hundreds of thousands of worthy causes.